Connecting top suppliers with more customers to create more valuable relationships.

Connecting top suppliers with more customers to create more valuable relationships.


YEStaurants™ is the only fully integrated, independent restaurant empowerment community where you and your restaurant customers can enjoy greater success.
YEStaurants™ is providing the tools that give independent restaurants nationwide the edge to compete and connect with you.


What this means for you

Today, we are partnering with top restaurant supply companies to:

  • Help you reach new, potential customers
  • Help you generate more sales from your existing customers
  • Help you increase your bottom-line profitability
Notice that all suppliers are able to be listed here in one app, instead of one app for each supplier. its an Easier, smoother process, that will save you time and money and increase visibility and sales.

Save 40% Guaranteed

Both you and your customer

Here is how it works

Now store owners are using 1 app to monitor and get there orders all day long.
  1. YES!™ (YEStaurants™) is the App consumers use to order food, saving money and time
  2. Stores use HaloPay MULTI™ App to get those orders and get paid instantly
  3. HaloPay MULTI™ App has a section where Suppliers are listed. Conveniently located so the owner can see the listing all day long and available when the store needs something. Some suppliers have thought of doing this, but the problem is – they will ONLY be in front of their existing accounts and this limits their growth potential. This third-party app is a great solution for both – your existing accounts and to be able to be in front of new potential accounts when they need you and can quickly tap on your tile to get in touch with you (in many ways)
  4. HaloPay™ is how customers pay the stores
  5. HaloPay™ is how the store pays you with and saves money for everyone
  6. HaloPay™ is how you both save 40%

Here is how to get in the list
It's Easy and Inexpensive
Easy to Setup
24/7/365 Support



/ MO
Lock in the savings for 12 months
$149/month for your area (zip code) for 12 months of service


/ MO

Price is good thru 3/15/23

$189/month for your area (zip code) for 3 months of service

Special thru
March 30, 2023



/ MO
For every account that uses your phone as referral, you get:

The more restaurants that use HaloPay™ the more you save 40%!!!

We help restaurant supply companies grow their business

  • Your Name Front & Center to Our Community
    • As a YEStaurant™ Supplier Partner, your company logo and link will display any time any of our national restaurants uses our POS system. This keeps you top of mind with your existing customers, shows your presence, and introduces you to new potential customers.
  • Empowering Your Restaurant Customers
    • The more successful your clients become, the more successful you become. By introducing your customers to YEStaurants, you can empower them to be more successful. This is good business. Check out all the great tools and solutions we provide to independent restaurants lower down on this page. Become their champion and hero instead of just a vendor!
  • Faster, Easier & More Profitable Payments
    • Through our partnership with HaloPay™, our community for restaurants saves 40% on their merchant processing fees. This creates a more profitable bottom-line. Using this same electronic payment platform, you too can accept more timely, lower cost payment from your restaurants and make your operation more profitable.