Better Way to Dine!

YEStaurants™ has put together the complete experience in one app, not just delivery.
Empowering people, family restaurants, and communities.

More Fun Ways for You to Dine

Use our unique Dining Decision Maker™

Enjoy more, fun ways to dine

  • Order Delivery.
  • Order Party Room (business or birthday).
  • Order Pickup (instore or curbside).
  • Make Table Reservations.
  • Order Dine-in, Food-On-Table™.
  • Have it Catered.
  • Use our fun Dining Decision Maker™.

Support your favorite, local family restaurants

  • Restaurants keep 50% more of the profits from your order!
  • We save them 40% on payment processing fees.
  • We help them grow and be more successful.
  • While you eat and enjoy!

Improve lives in your local community

  • More successful family restaurants create a stronger local economy and community.
  • More of your dollars (about 50% more!) stays in your local economy instead of going to another city’s corporate headquarters!
  • YEStaurants™ contributes a portion of the funds from every order to the support and growth of local communities.

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You have Options

Food & Parcel Delivery

Better Service because you Rate them. This alone helps solve many of the known problems. So if you want better service, this was built for you.
Track your order, the progress and delivery time.

Order Pickup
(instore or curbside)

Order and pickup your food at the restaurant however you prefer.

Make Table Reservations
Make dining reservations in advance. Pick your day and time. Your table will be ready when you arrive.

Table Reserved with Food-on-Table™

  • Your first course or drinks can be on the table ready for you
  • Raising the bar beyond simply reserving a table
  • Place your food order in advance
  • Designate a date and time
  • Show up and begin your dining experience without the wait!

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HaloPay™ Enabled

HaloPay™ pays you with “Reward Points” and they can be used at any location using HaloPay™
YEStaurants™ is the leading dining app with HaloPay™. With HaloPay™ and YEStaurants™, you can order online or while in the restaurant, Securely and INSTANTLY! Paid from your existing HaloPay™ account. This guarantees no Credit Card Fees of any kind.

  • Faster & The Most Secure
  • No card info every being transferred over the internet means there is nothing to steal
  • HaloPay™ is built into the app making it seamless
  • Never worry about card numbers or carrying and losing your credit card again
  • HaloPay™ is also usable at your brick & mortar businesses as well

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