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YEStaurants & Restaurants

YEStaurants™ is the only fully integrated, independent restaurant support community with a PowerUp Platform™ for you to enjoy increased profitability. YEStaurants was created for you to enjoy sharing your passion of great food and community while building a more successful business. We provide you with an array of great tools. Plus, you keep more of the profits on every order. Running your own restaurant is challenging enough, and over the past year, things have gotten even harder. YEStaurants is a new platform designed specifically for you!!

More Profits On Every Order

  • Reduced Restaurant Commission Fees.
  • Reduced Per Order Fees.
  • Reduced Payment Processing Fees.
  • More Profits for You!!

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Unique Tools To Grow Your Business

Quality Delivery
Up Delivery’s integrated delivery network eliminates typical third party delivery hassles. Drivers are rated on their performance, so they are motivated to provide excellent service.
Order Pick Up
(inside and curbside)
Make getting your order easy and seamless with inside or curbside pick-up.
Customer Loyalty Tools
Your good food, combined with a seamless App, will keep customers coming back, and more often!
Accept ZintaPay®
Reduce your payment process expenses by 40% guaranteed! Get your funds the instant you accept the order!
Dine-In, Food-On-Table™
Meet today’s diners needs, and elevate your dining options, by having your customers orders ready when they arrive for their table.

Manage and accept reservations without the expensive fees to third parties.

Get Bloom POS™

Use the FREE version of Bloom or their optional Bloom POS™ version that ads even more tools and systems to elevate your restaurant operations.

Promote Your Restaurant

Keep your presence front and center to our dedicated network of YESers! Increase your number of orders per day with faster table turns and happier customers.

Get Started Becoming More Profitable Today


The YEStaurants community has been created, from the ground up, to help local, independent restaurants enjoy greater profitability. It has been created for You! 


Oh can we:
  • Party Rooms
  • Catering
  • Curbside
  • Table Reservations
  • Optional Food-On-Table
  • Delivery In-House(you set the Fee and we split it with you)
  • Delivery 3rd party
Can you do more than that?