Empowering family restaurants.

Finally someone is providing tools for small businesses that help you compete with the chains. Together we are stronger than any chain!
For example -How do these sound?

  1. Profit Centers
  2. Fastest Table Turns
  3. Best Possible Service for your customers
  4. Best Technology at your finger tips
  5. Access to your suppliers
  6. Self delivery (should you choose)
  7. You choose pricing of these services to your customers
  8. YES! reduces your need for full staff

YEStaurants™ & Restaurants

Everybody says there are so many great features incorporated in the app, how did you ever think of all these? Lets get real, every small business owner has been dreaming this for years, wishing they had the funds and the ability to do it, and had to watch as the chains developed technology for their individual chain. But they came to realize they can only do the best they can. YEStaurants™ is the only fully integrated, family restaurant support community with a PowerUp Platform™ for business owners to enjoy increased profitability. YEStaurants™ was created for you to encourage you to share your passion of great food and community while building a more successful business. We will continue to work hard to provide you with an array of great tools, tools that help you keep more of the profits on every order. Running your own restaurant is challenging enough, and over the past year, things have gotten even harder. YEStaurants™ is a new platform designed specifically for you!!

Profit Centers no one else has!

  1. Delivery ( YES! You can actually profit on deliveries!)
    • Self-Delivery (start your own & you keep the delivery fees)
    • 3rd party delivery services (anybody)
    • UPX™ (with flat fee)
  2. Reservations
    • Normal table reservations
    • Food-on-table™
  3. Parties
  4. Catering
  5. Save 40% using HaloPay™

More Profits On Every Order

  • Reduced Restaurant Commission Fees.
  • Reduced Per Order Fees.
  • Reduced Payment Processing Fees.
  • More Profits for You!!

With YES!, Owners are in control.

We believe you know more about your market than a company that isn’t even in the USA. You choose what options you want to offer, such as choosing to offer curbside pick-up, or if you are accepting reservations or dine in services. Plus, you can set your own fees, and change them, with a click if needed.

HaloPay MULTI™ receives orders from multiple different apps and is available on multiple platforms.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, we’ve got you covered. HaloPay™ App is compatible with all operating systems. Download the app now and get started today!

Get Started and Become More Profitable Today

Unique Tools To Grow Your Business

Food & Parcel Delivery
UPX™ integrated delivery network eliminates typical third-party delivery hassles. Drivers are rated on their performance, so they are motivated to provide excellent service.
Order Pick Up
(inside & curbside)
Make getting your order easy and seamless with pick-up inside or curbside.
Customer Loyalty Tools
Your good food, combined with a seamless App, will keep customers coming back, and more often!
Accept HaloPay™
Reduce your payment process expenses by 40% guaranteed! Get your funds the instant you accept the order!

Meet today’s diners needs, and elevate your dining options, by having your customers orders ready when they arrive

Double Your
Turn Rate
  1. Take table reservations
  2. Enable our original Food-On-Table™ 
  3. Use a runner method
  4. Manage and accept reservations without the expensive fees to third parties
HaloPay MULTI™
Saves 40% of Processing Fees

Use the FREE version of HaloPay MULTI™ or their optional version that adds even more tools and systems to elevate your restaurant operations

Promote Your Restaurant

Keep your presence front and center to our dedicated network of YESers! Increase your number of orders per day with faster table turns and happier customers.

Take 2 minutes and claim your listing (includes the use of free video) and be found in our App. 

Then in about 15 minutes you will be able to start taking orders and getting the word out about your new best friend! YES!

Get Started Becoming More Profitable Today with Our New Profit Centers


The YEStaurants™ community has been created, from the ground up, to help local, family restaurants enjoy greater profitability. It has been created for You!

Oh can we:

  • Party Rooms
  • Catering
  • Curbside
  • Table Reservations
  • Optional Food-On-Table
  • Delivery In-House(you set the Fee)
  • Delivery 3rd party

Can you do more than that?